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Women's Media Watch Jamaica
What is WMW?

WMW Jamaica is a civil society organization committed to reducing gender-based violence. WMW promotes gender equity and gender-aware media and communications.

WMW has a multi-pronged programme of work that includes training and professional development seminars, media literacy, conflict resolution workshops, research, public education and advocacy.

WMW in the News

To celebrate the 21st Anniversary of Women's Media Watch-Jamaica there has been a year of exciting activities which have kept the organization in the news. WMW and CPTC joined forces to mount a forum on Youth, Popular Media and Violence against Women which was broadcast on television. 
At WMW's Tribute to Trailblazers which launched WMW's Anniversary celebrations, fourteen (14) women were honoured - women who have been pioneers and gender-advocates in their field of expertise. (See WMW Newsmagazine Volume 5 #2).



Promoting Human Rights

WMW's latest newsmagazine explores some legal and social perspectives on commercial sex work, including pornography. Latest "Looking Out For You"
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Current Projects

Reducing gender-based violence in Jamaica - enhancing citizens' access to protection under the law

Women’s Media Watch-Jamaica conducts a programme of advocacy, training, and public education, with support from the United Nations Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women, to address the problem of gender-based violence in Jamaica. A key strategy is to increase citizens’ awareness of the causes and consequences of this violence and to enhance access to protections available under the law.
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Chatting 'bout "All a Wi Togedda" on Roots FM 96.1 

Woman and man chat ‘bout plenty when they tune in to All a wi togedda on Roots FM on Tuesday mornings (9-10am). The programme, hosted by WMW, brings a fresh ‘gender lens’ to a wide range of social issues and ‘taboo topics’ that benefit from open discussion.
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Women's Media Watch Jamaica

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