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H2ElementalEnergyActivator_2_Depressed - Belle About Town Victoria Maizes: So Belleruth, I think it would be great to begin with definitions. And, uh, they would do well with some other kind of an intervention. Victoria Maizes: Every single time, the patient would tell me these spectacular places they had gone to in their imagination. Tell us, what is guided imagery, and how is it different than meditation or mindfulness? How is it easier than meditation? That’s another example of how this, meditation stuff can change hard values in so many places. Anyway, that’s a sidebar. Anyway, then I really got excited. Belleruth Naparstek: When you were saying it takes so long, you gotta do this setup, and then you have to do this, and that, um, we all thought that back in the day, but the fact of the matter is, people have been asking more and more for five and ten-minute guided imagery interventions. Y- yeah. Um, they’re- they’re amazing, and, um, they’re doing it all the time.

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They’re there. Yeah. Victoria Maizes: Yeah, it’s- it’s incredible. Belleruth Naparstek: Oh, yeah. Prevention Magazine notes that Belleruth has been creating an underground revolution among mainstream health and mental health bureaucracies by persuading major institutions, such as the US Army, the VA, the American Red Cross, Aetna, and many more organizations to distribute her guided imagery recordings, in many case, free of charge to recipients. And the preface was a Drill sergeant. I know some years ago when you came and taught for us at the, uh, Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona, you actually had us listen to a guided imagery that had, like, a preface. Be+ crema antiarrugas pieles especiales . Andrew Weil: She’s also a longtime friend and colleague, Victoria Maizes: and she’s taught at our center for some years and the Fellows just love her.

Uh, it’s also a form of hypnosis. She’s a clinical social worker and guided imagery pioneer, and she’s created 80 or more guided imagery audio programs, and also founded Health Journeys, which produces and distributes mind/body programs. He knew he needed help, and he went to the clinic to get some help, to behavioral health. But no, you can get a- a really good audio recording and use that. Welcome, Belleruth. Belleruth Naparstek: Thank you. Belleruth Naparstek: Yeah, it’s- it’s surprisingly effective.

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Belleruth Naparstek: Yeah, sure. Victoria Maizes: Wow. Belleruth Naparstek: Anyway, brilliant. Victoria Maizes: One of the places that people use guided imagery is pre-surgery, to prepare for a successful surgery. Uh, traumatic stress. It is a beautiful intervention for traumatic stress, and it has within it the ability to cushion an intervention in ways that lots of things don’t or can’t. The last focuses on imagery and post-traumatic stress. Crema facial reafirmante y antiarrugas . And we used to use it with our patients in the clinic.

This was a single-blinded study, uh, with about, um, I think it was 335 patients. Dave. And he’s having dinner with the family, and they’re talking about this loss in this kind of very cerebral, um, way. And there was a tremendous con- amount of conversation among the VA clinicians about that. Victoria Maizes: Well, is there anyone who you’d say avoid guided imagery with? Because I’ll forget. Victoria Maizes: Yes. I’ll tell you what the research says. Actually, you can just touch in to what they’re doing and they’ll tell you. They’re both terrific, it depends on what you like best. Belleruth Naparstek: So- so he basically ripped off the equipment, goes storming out of the room, and says, “I hate that woman! I am never coming back here! You guys suck!” And he left. Belleruth Naparstek: Anyway, so George, the doc, says, “Please, just s- sit with me here and listen to it.” So he- he did. Uh, Marty came up with this beach place where he goes before the sun comes up and meditates. He called me up and he gave me great advice, so great that I asked him to make an introduction for people like him.