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Gel Crema Antiarrugas Mount Lemmon after good summer rain usually July. Um, when I was a fellow back in 1998, uh, we had a retreat up on Mount Lemmon, which has many Ponderosa Pines. Dr. Suzanne Bartlett Hacken-Miller: Well, there are so many, and I just need to back up for a second because it has been over 300,000 years of our development and evolution on this planet, that humans have been outdoors. I’ve been thinking about this so much because during this time of the pandemic, we know, I think we know even inherently intrinsically that we need nature and we need to get outdoors.

And so to just imagine that spending time in nature helps us by reducing inflammation, fighting viruses and bacteria, and other microbes, and could even help us against production of tumor cells and against cancer to me, there’s really no better medicine than that. You know, Andy, I remember when you wrote Spontaneous Happiness, um, you talked about the importance you wrote about the importance of going green and being aware that you’re a part of nature and that one of the advantages of that awareness was the almost self-transcendent experience that you’re part of something much larger than yourself. Um, there are virtual walks being offered all over the place. Attaching any emotion to what we’re experiencing, um, being, being one with nature, perhaps, but in forest bathing, instead of not experiencing the full effect, we do celebrate the idea of awe and wonder and connection. Listener Voicemail: I just listened to the episode with Paul Stamets, I was curious what wild mushroom harvesting can be done in Tucson specifically – I think murrells appear after fires? Dr. Victoria Maizes: Before we jump into this episode we want to answer a question we received from a listener.

So it’d be able to say, you know, five minutes spent outdoors, right?

I don’t know if there’s one in particular, Suzanne, you want to point to. And we had a few days when the air was really smoky I mean, almost to the point that it really felt unhealthy to even breathe it at all. Even five minutes a day has benefit. So it’d be able to say, you know, five minutes spent outdoors, right? And then when they replicated that study, adding increased durations of time, up to 15 minutes, they found that increasing beyond five minutes, didn’t really have added value. And I found that, yeah, he entered the forest. And I, again, I have found that when I journal afterwards, I am able to have an experience.

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I find that when people do this, it’s impossible not to realize, um, that we’re not separate from nature. And again, as they added more time to these studies, they didn’t find that necessarily more time had greater benefit. And I do think that we can find nature even in unlikely places right now. And so they wondered if they just took these people out into nature about an hour outside of the city of Tokyo if that might help their mental health and perhaps even their physical health. Your people to animals, to nature of plants. And that might be as simple as spending time with an indoor pot plants. Uh, anything else that you think our listeners might be able to attend to and, and how’s it different than mindfulness.

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Intro music Dr. Como hacer crema casera antiarrugas . Victoria Maizes: So it’s my pleasure to introduce our listeners to Dr. Suzanne Bartlett Hacken-Miller Suzanne is an OB GYN, and also a fellowship graduate of the University of Arizona Andrew Weil’s Center for Integrative Medicine. Dr. Victoria Maizes: I think it’s so astonishing that the dose is so small because a lot of times, as doctors, when we talk to patients, they say, ? And it’s accessible to everyone. State before and after I’ll sometimes even check my pulse. And so I’ve been trying to apply these ideas of forest bathing to the tiniest little examples, and I’ve been experimenting with it even myself. I actually had an opportunity to have a forest bathing, although I should probably say a desert bathing experience, uh, with Suzanne when she was in Tucson in January, before we had to stay socially distant and it was really quite wonderful. Dr. Victoria Maizes: And we’re taping this during the coronavirus pandemic when many people are feeling more isolated than ever. Sensilis correctionist crema de noche reparadora antiarrugas . Dr. Victoria Maizes: I am really looking forward to speaking with one of our graduates, Dr. Suzanne Bartlett Haken-Miller.

Dr. Suzanne Bartlett Hacken-Miller: Yeah. Welcome Suzanne. Dr. Suzanne Bartlett Hacken-Miller: Thank you, Victoria. Thank you so much. You’re a guide. You guide people on these forest bathing experiences. Guide to Forest Bathing. Dr. Victoria Maizes: So you mentioned, um, a few things that, um, forest bathing are thought to specifically counteract, and that includes depression and anxiety and, uh, there are studies that show, uh, improvement in mental, emotional wellbeing. Is clearly of benefit across so many studies is I think really exciting and heartening. To see if it really did have any benefit. As they were doing this, they took it a number of did a number of tests on their subjects, so to speak. A few years ago, there were bad forest fires in British Columbia.

Over the years in my work with patients, I frequently wrote down a diagnosis of disconnection syndrome that is people who were isolated that really had lost connections to them. Mejor crema antiarrugas piel madura . There are people who know mushrooms in the Tucson area. And then, you know, you mentioned the much smaller things one can do, and I know Suzanne, that’s been something you’ve been talking with people about. The phytocides are these cases, goals that are emitted from the essential oils of plants, particularly evergreen and pine and redwoods and things. Um, and so, so a man named Amos Clifford brought the practice to the United States and started formalizing it a little bit more and training guides in this practice and founded the association of nature on forest therapy. And so, um, with the practice with a guide, then it is just that we take people out into nature. I mean, that is really a big piece of nature right within the city. Well, there are a number of books on the topic.

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Dr. Andrew Weil: Yeah, well, I have friends in New York city right now you? And so that, that is thought to confer health benefits on us as well, as far as anti-inflammatory anti-microbial. So, you know, we have a lot of information like that. And remember you can call and submit questions for us or our upcoming guests. And I’m wondering if you can talk a little more about that? Uh, thank you so much, Suzanne, for coming on and for sharing your wisdom about forest bathing. And we’re going to be talking about Shinran Yoku or Forest Bathing. If someone is a beginner how would they go about finding someone they can go with to learn about what they can pick and not? And so that’s kind of the idea that a guide can help kind of open the doors to this experience.